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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Wilmar Oleo North America is looking for young sales profession​als.


Wilmar Oleo North America is looking for young sales profession​als.


Interested candidates – please send your questions, and/or resume and cover letter to
Wilmar Oleo North America
The position is for an Account Manager based in Pearland, Texas.  The position would start as inside sales with occassional heavy travel to meet customers and prospects, selling their full product line of oleo chemicals (glyercine, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, etc.) along with some of the vegetable oil sales (palm oil, coconut oil, etc.).  The individual's primary responsibilities would be as followed:
1. Make customer calls via phone with follow-up personal visits
2. Prepare call reports on activities
3. Work with logistics to deliver product promptly and economically
3. Work with product manager to prepare quotes
4. Arrange samples to be sent to prospects and new customers
5. Utilize strong computer skills to prospect customers and prepare presentations
6. Follow-up on orders and invoices
The ideal candidate:
1. Must be able to work with little supervision and be self motivated
2. Majored in Business or Economics with a strong ability to handle facts and figures
3. Have the ability to set multiple priorities and focus on the big opportunities
4. Must have good communication skills
5. Must be comfortable meeting new people and building relationships
6. Has some base oleo chemistry knowledge - perhaps two semesters of chemistry
This would be a great opportunity for young person looking to work for one of the world's largest agribusiness firms that is aggressively trying to grow their US business entities
Seth Greene
105 North Austin Avenue, #9101
Georgetown, Texas 78626
227 West County Road 900 South
Madison, Indiana 47250
Mobile - (502) 727-7918

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