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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Maschhoffs Genetic Supervisor


Maschhoffs Genetic Supervisor


Job Duties & Accountabilities
Genetic Program Execution
· Ensure the farm is adhering to the genetic work instructions for the site including maintenance of genetic
targets of the unit. Oversees quality assurance in single sire mating’s used to produce GGP replacement
animals. Responsible for data integrity in all genetic documentation and individual pig identification including
tagging and notching at birth, post weaning tagging, and tagging at entry into the sow unit
· Phenotypic evaluation of each animal in the unit at weaning and at final selection into the unit to include
oversight of weighing, ultrasound scanning and feet and leg structure, body conformation and underline
· Train all employees to properly fill out genetic paperwork according to the genetic work instructions. Audit all
record keeping, correct errors and retrain as needed.
· Accountable for transfer of accurate data to the Genetic Information Systems, Genetic Service Manager, and
Genetic Stakeholders
· Communicate and build rapport with the unit team while working in a dual role as the genetic supervisor and a
unit employee to achieve both genetic and production goals
· Hold routine meetings with the site manager and unit staff to train genetic work instructions and add clarity to
genetic goals and targets
· Respond to objectives outlined by the Genetic Service Manager and the Site Manager and clearly
communicate thoughts and ideas that may be relevant to the development of the program
· Sustainability and Stewardship
· Ensure best management practices are consistent with commonly accepted standards for animal welfare,
biosecurity and safe work environment.
Minimum Qualifications
• Type of Degree High School Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture or related field preferred
• Number of Years At least 1 year experience in a sow production unit preferred
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1) Knowledge of:
· Sow production systems
· Maintaining complete and accurate records
· Genetic evaluation system is a plus
2) Skill in:
· Execution
· Leadership
· Communication
· Working with spreadsheets and web based entry of information
3) Ability to:
· Lead and motivate people
· Record information legibly and accurately
· Organize, plan and execute
· Communicate effectively
· Work both independently and as a member of the production team
If interested contact:
Brandi Kuntz

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