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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Full time Ag Equipment Sales - New Holland Logansport


Full time Ag Equipment Sales - New Holland Logansport


Ag Equipment Sales Position – Logansport, Indiana
Interested candidates, please send your cover letter and resume to
New Holland Logansport, Inc.
Applies to: Sales Representative, Sales Manager
Purpose: The purpose of this position is to plan, organize, direct, coordinate, administer and control to help identify markets, meet sales goals, and perform those activities to achieve stated sales goals.  Maximizing growth and profit for the company by sales of wholegoods is a responsibility of this position.
Performance Evaluation: The affected employees will be evaluated on this description of the sales representative job and how well the responsibilities spelled out in it are met.
Essentials of the Sales Representative job position:
1.                            This position reports to the Sales Manager
2.                            Educational requirements: Two years or more of job related experience in a similar position.  Preference is for a BA in marketing or engineering related disciplines and/or five years of job related experience.
3.                            License requirements are a valid drivers license.  Preference is for a CDL license.
4.                            Experience required is one or more years of experience in a farm equipment environment which has provided for learning of operating most of the equipment sold at New Holland Rochester, Inc.
5.                            Skills, knowledge and ability requirements are that the applicant must be skilled in sales techniques.  He/She must be able to gather information and prepare quotes for other members of the staff and customers.  Knowledge of the different lines of product and the quality difference between lines and manufacturers’ products is necessary.  The ability to determine the needs and requirements of different farming operations, small and large,is a definite strong point.
6.                            Physical requirements are body positions of sitting and standing, body movements of walking, turning head and torso, bending arms, wrists and fingers, body senses required are full use of eyes and ears, full power of speech.
7.                            Mathematics requirements are that the applicant must do routine arithmetic calculations and have a complete understanding of pricing structures and gross margin.  Additionally, a working knowledge of finance rates, calculation of payments on loans and leases, and ability to accurately computed the cost of equipment is needed.
8.                            Language requirements are that the applicant must be able to communicate in English effectively both verbally and in writing well enough to articulate company and product information to customers.
9.                            Mechanical knowledge is important.  The applicant must show the ability to operate (demonstrate) the type of equipment sold at the company.  Also, the applicant must be able to comprehend how the machines work from a mechanical standpoint.
10.                          Working conditions are that most work will be in a climate controlled, office environment.  Outdoor environment, including dusty field conditions are part of the job working conditions.  Travel by vehicle to customer locations, and other sales related destinations, including overnight trips are necessary to the accomplishment of this job.
11.                          Authority for selection of persons for this position lies with the Sales Manager with approval of the President.  The Sales Representative will be given the proper authority to accomplish the responsibilities, duties, goals and objectives that have been established for this position.
12.                          The Sales Representative has the responsibility for keeping aware of competition, including their strengths and weaknesses.  The Sales Representative must generate, implement and monitor a yearly sales plan established by the budget for the company, to meet the sales objectives set out in the budget.
13.                          The sales representative shall monitor and generate sales of products to ensure sales goals and market share are acceptable.  He/She must keep the Sales Manager informed at all times of activities.   He/She must work with all persons involved in sales to work for the accomplishment of the goals of the company.
14.                          Documentation and paperwork must be done on a timely fashion and done accurately.  All documentation must be properly recorded and distributed to insure that the well-being of the company is maintained and that the customer is fairly treated.
15.                          The Sales Rep must use and maintain the company vehicle(s) provided per company regulations and the vehicle operators’ manual.  The vehicle will be used only for company business.
16.                          All sales goals and objectives are to be researched, developed, and carried out in the most cost effective manner possible.
17.                          The Sales Representative shall have a weekly sales plan which calls for contact of at least 10 qualified appointments with customers each week.  This plan is to be available to the Sales Manager upon request and a record of the sales calls made each week is to be maintained for documentation purposes.
18.                          The Sales Representative is responsible for keeping up to date knowledge of new products within the industry.
19.                          The Sales Representative shall always maintain accurate and complete notes on the calculation of quotes submitted.  These quotes must make possible the maintenance of gross margins required by the budget for the company.
20.                          He/She must develop and maintain an accurate customer data and profile list.  This list shall include a record of machines owned by the customer.
21.                          Target mailings of selected products are to be made to qualified customers.  The number of mailings per week is to be at least 5 but not more than 10 unless unusual circumstances such as a new product introduction warrant more mailing.
22.                          He/She shall visit at least twice each year all customers who are listed as full time operators who have the potential of purchasing the kinds of products sold at New Holland Rochester, Inc.
23.                          He/She shall recommend to the Sales Manager new potential market areas, new businesses and updates on sales strategy.
24.                          He/She shall assist the Sales Manager in the development and implementation of company marketing, advertising and public realtion programs.
25.                          The Sales Representative shall exercise good judgement in solving problems.  At all time, fairness and honesty shall be paramount in making decisions.  He/She shall seek advice from appropriate individuals in making decisions and keep the welfare of the company in mind in the process.  The Sales Representative shall be willing to take responsibility for decisions made in the position.
26.                          It is imperative that the sales representative maintain good relations with customers and fellow employees, the community, and the entire staff.
27.                          The efficient use of time and prompt attention to the job at hand, including customer needs, is required.
28.                          The Sales Representative shall be a self-motivated individual as this position by nature requires job performance in situations that are away from direct supervision.
29.                          The Sales Representative shall be on the job during normal business hours.  If it is necessary to be away from the company site for business reasons there shall be notice of what activity is being done given to the Sales Manager in advance.
30.                          The Sales Representative is the primary contact with many customers.  As such, he/she shall maintain a well-groomed appearance.  Duties are to be conducted in a professional manner and carried out with the highest of ethical standards and moral integrity.
31.                          The Sales Representative shall be responsible for the entire sales transaction.  As such, he/she shall deliver equipment as stated in the sales agreement or see that it is done by other employees.  He/She shall be responsible for the safe, timely and complete transfer of funds and/or financing documents between the customer and company.
32.                          The Sales Representative will be measured for performance as follows:
$All duties and responsibilities are performed on time and in a satisfactory manner
$Quality and timeliness of all reports meet the approval of the Sales Manager.
$Yearly sales volume meets or exceeds monthly objectives eight out of twelve months, reaching annual objectives within a 10% tolerance.      
$Sales plans are developed and function effectively.  Makes the weekly five existing customer visits and the five qualified potential customer visits.
$Coordinates and works well with the other functional positions within the company.
$Performs to the satisfaction of the Sales Manager.
Conclusion: The Sales Representative is responsible to the Sales Manager.  Without this position the Sales Manager is tied to the implementation of the functions listed above.  This position will reduce the amount of confusion that normally occurs when the sales area is not given the time and attention necessary.  The meeting of the requirements of this position is necessary for an individual to maintain the position os Sales Representative.
Interested candidates, please send your cover letter and resume to

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