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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Two Ag Equipment Dealership Management Opportunities - Rossville, IN AND Centerville, IN


Two Ag Equipment Dealership Management Opportunities - Rossville, IN AND Centerville, IN


The New Holland Dealerships in both Rossville, Indiana and Centerville, Indiana are seeking a new manager.  If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to
Applies to: President, Office Manager
Purpose: This standard procedure establishes and describes the essential function, authority, duties and responsibilities, job requirements, and performance criteria of the Office Manager for New Holland Rochester, Inc.
Performance Evaluation: The Office Manager will be evaluated on this procedure.
Essentials of Job Description - Office Manager
1.  Reporting Relationships
1.                     Reports to: President
2.                     Reporting to this positions: Receptionists/Assistant
2.  Job Requirements:
1.                     Required: High School graduate or G. E. D.
2.                     Preferred: Associate or B. A. degree in business administration, accounting, secretarial science or other related field.
Experience: A minimum of one year experience in an office management, bookkeeping or administrative position is required.  Two or more years experience in office management, bookkeeping or related position is preferred.  The ability to maintain company accounts, design reports and enter/retrieve information on an accounting and work processing software program is preferred.
                        Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: The ability to communicate verbally and in
writing and get along with people is very important.  Knowledge of the accounting, including payroll, general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable is required.  The ability to reconcile bank statements, call past due accounts and post all accounting records in an accurate manner is required.  The ability to maintain company accounts and information on a computer accounting software program is necessary.  Must be able to operate appropriate accounting software and word processing software with training.  The ability to handle the General Ledger and any subsidiary journals of the accounting software accurately, completely and in a timely manner is required.  Must be able to process designated reports from this information.  The ability to handle telephones, messages, and walk - in customers in a courteous and professional manner is required.  The Office Manager must be able to produce and file all correspondence with other written documents associated with running New Holland Rochester, Inc.
Physical Requirements: body positions are sitting and standing, body movements are Walking , turning head and torso, bending arms, wrists and fingers.  Body senses include full use of eyes and ears, full power of speech.  Most of the work requires sitting for long periods of time.  Occasionally the person must be able to walk throughout the office and shop areas.
Mental Requirements: Must be able to read financial statements, bank statements and convert payroll records, invoices and other reports into appropriate bookkeeping and invoicing records.  Must be able to communicate technical and accounting information to employees, customers and outside parties in an accurate and concise manner in both a written and verbal mode.  Language requirements are ability to communicate in English both verbally and in writing well enough to give instructions, relay information, and carry on effective interchange with customers, suppliers, and outside professionals.  Math requirements are financial comprehension, preparation of reports, maintenance of accounting records and calculation of payroll and expenses.
3.Working conditions: Work area will be predominantly in office.
4.  Authority: The Office Manager is selected by the President and is delegated sufficient authority to accomplish the responsibilities, duties, goals and objectives that have been established for the position.
5.  Essential functions: The principle duties and responsibilities of the Office Manager consist of, but are not limited to the following:
1.         Performs typing, filing and general receptionist tasks.
2.         Promptly answers all telephone calls and directs them to proper person to handle.  Takes messages for employee who is put of the building or routes to another employee to handle.
3.         Authority to hire, train, discipline, set compensation and terminate office staff with the prior approval of the President.
4.         Opens and distributes all incoming mail, prepares all out going mail for mailing.  Maintains the postage meter.  Secures the postage meter at the end of the day, logging the date, postage amount used, and the time.
5.       Makes sure that all office equipment is turned off and secured at the end of the day.
6.         Performs routine and daily accounting functions, with regard to cash procedures, accounts receivable , account payable, invoicing, general ledger, and payroll.
7.         Maintains financial records in an accurate and timely manner.  Completes requested reports according to established schedules (payroll documents, W2's, 1099's etc.).
8.         Collects routine accounts receivable in a timely manner.  Routinely reports, in writing, collection methods that have failed.
9.         Provides assistance in the preparation of the annual budget for the company.
10.       Helps with processing quotations (pricing of products and labor) and purchasing products.
11.       Maintains an on-going bank statement reconciliation and immediately reports any errors to the President.
12.       Ensures that all required personnel/payroll forms are completed before a new employee receives the first paycheck.  This includes the I-9 form.  Ensures that all exit documentation is completed before an employee receives the final paycheck.
13.       Handles tax exempt and resale documentation, record keeping and reporting.  Provides any information necessary for suppliers, vendors and regulatory agencies.
14.       The responsibility for selection of the computer hardware/software, training, security, and data entry is that of the President.  Duties assigned on the in-house accounting system to the Office Manager include becoming thoroughly familiar with assigned modules in the computer system, personally making full practical use of all features of the computer systems according to company procedures, performing assigned back-up of routine files and data to provide system security and entering assigned data in an accurate and timely manner.
15.       Tracks purchase orders and packing lists for correct shipping  quantities and pricing.
16.       Requisitions office supplies as needed within budget guidelines and restrictions.
17.       Requires adherence to company policies and procedures from all employees under his/her supervision.
18.       Selects and recommends for hire, qualified personnel needed for jobs.  Trains, supervises, and evaluates according to prescribed performance standards all employees under his/her direct supervision.
19.       At all times maintains absolute adherence to quality in workmanship and client relations from himself/herself and his/her staff.
20.       Maintains a well-groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position and situation.
21.       Performs all other duties deemed necessary by the President.
22.       The incumbent will conduct all dealings on behalf of this corporation and in her personal life with the highest ethical standards and moral integrity.
6.  Measurements of Performance:
                       The Office Manager will be evaluated by the President specifically on those items outlined in this job description as well as those aspects normally expected of any office employee.  Also, each detailed item listed in (5) of this job descriptions will be a basis of evaluation.
Summary: The job of Office Manager is a very serious responsibility.  The monetary management part of New Holland Rochester, Inc. must be handles accurately, with integrity and timeliness.  All of the efforts of employees and owner(s) of the company are impacted by how well this part of the organization does it’s job.  There can be little tolerance of failure to meet the requirements as delays, inaccuracies etc. will soon escalate into larger problems for the company.
If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

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