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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Field Auditor - Indiana Dept. of Ag - West Central Indiana (Crawfordsville to Greencastle)


Field Auditor - Indiana Dept. of Ag - West Central Indiana (Crawfordsville to Greencastle)


If interested – please send your resume/cover letter to
Job Description
Indiana Grain Buyers & Warehouse Licensing Agency/Department of Agriculture
CLASS TITLE:                                              Field Auditor 1 (PAT 1)
CLASS CODE:                                               002RC1
JOB TITLE:                                                               Field Auditor
Incumbent works at the journey level within the state as a specialized field auditor for the Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency.  Incumbent performs for the agency discovery audits of agricultural businesses with the primary goal being to insure compliance with State regulations pertaining to the marketing and storage of producer grain. Incumbent reports to the Audit Supervisor and /or Director of the Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency.
·         Perform audits to determine if business is operating within the scope of applicable State law;
·         Perform audits as assigned by measuring and calculating grain inventories and reviewing accounting records including but not limited to, grain contracts, scale tickets, grain settlement sheets, banking records, and cash on hand;
·         Prepare current ratio and balance sheet reports on licensed firms as assigned by completing an audit of the firms business records and confirming balances;
·         Perform audits as assigned for compliance with the Indiana Grain Indemnity Corporation (IGIC), Soybean Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Program (SPARC), and other audits as the Indianan Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency may contract to perform;
·         Ability to complete auditing assignments in a timely manner;
·         Submit written and oral reports of audit findings to the agency;
·         Assist and service agribusiness entities in the license application process as assigned;
·         Provide the Director and the agency with recommendations of business status and solvency;
·         Compile information on insolvent agribusinesses for potential criminal prosecution;
·         Coordinate and assist with the removal of grain assets in a case where an agribusiness has filed bankruptcy;
·         Testify as necessary at legal proceedings as a field auditor;
·         Test and inspect commercial grain moisture meters as assigned;
·         Attend all required training and meetings;
·         Represent the Director and the agency in business relations with agribusinesses in the state;
·         Perform related duties as assigned.
·         Knowledge and skill typically acquired through a Baccalaureate Degree, related academic training and comparable work experience or comparable work experience alone may substitute for a Baccalaureate Degree where appropriate;
·         Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
·         Ability to comprehend and interpret applicable state and federal regulations;
·         Specialized knowledge of the principles and practices of grain accounting, agribusiness management, and agriculture economics;
·         Specialized knowledge of grain’s physical properties and dynamics as they relate to grain storage and measurement;
·         Ability to use geometric formulas to calculate volumes and capacities of varying structures;
·         Ability to use computers and familiarity with basic data entry, word processing and spreadsheet software;
·         Ability to plan, organize and manage multiple projects;
·         Ability to work independently and with others as needed;
·         Ability to routinely climb to the top of grain elevators/silos/bins in order to physically determine inventory; bins and silos could be up to one hundred (100) feet high.
·         Ability to safely climb ladders including grain elevator/silo/bin ladders not to exceed a maximum working load of 300 pounds including all safety equipment (based on the specifications for grain bins associated with this position);
·         Ability to maneuver in tight spaces;
·         Ability to pull one’s own weight on a rope man lift and twist and step around on grain bin/silo catwalks from ladders while being far above the ground;
·         Maintain all applicable safety policies and procedures;
·         Ability to obtain and maintain a valid driver’s license;
·         Ability to travel extensively within the state with some nights away from home to conduct audits;
The incumbent applies various statute, rules and professional standards to audit specialized agribusinesses that are or may be required to be licensed.  Work is substantially complex requiring such considerations as: grain marketing, accounting principles, and financial and management evaluations.  Incumbent must apply rules and principles to a variety of bookkeeping methods.
Incumbent is primarily responsible for carrying out assigned audits.  Incumbent works independently within the state receiving general instructions and auditing assignments from the audit supervisor.  Incumbent applies established guidelines in the performance of duties.  Incumbent reports to the audit supervisor or deputy director.  Audit supervisor provides technical support and instruction upon incumbent’s request.  Work is reviewed upon completion on a weekly basis.  Detailed technical instructions are provided for special or unique audits.  Loses to producers could occur if audit procedures are not followed in the field.  Improper judgment such as incorrect audit findings could result in incorrect refusal of license and or losses to producers.  Incumbent resolves conflicts with firm’s management at the audit site as necessary.
Contacts with co-workers, other agency employees, employees of other governmental units, business firms, customers, venders, accountants, and bankers for the purpose of performing audits and problem resolution.
Considerable travel is necessary in the performance of duties.  Incumbent is required to exert physical effort when climbing to the top of grain tanks/ silos/bins/elevators in all kinds of weather and temperatures.  Some storage containers may be over one hundred feet (100') high.  The work requires the ability to safely climb ladders including grain elevator/silo/bin ladders, maneuver in tight spaces; climb over spouts and augers that transport grain; pull one’s own weight on a rope man lift and twist and step around on grain bin/silo catwalks from ladders while being far above the ground.
If interested – please send your resume/cover letter to

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