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Gowan Company


Licensing Manager, Japan
Licensing Manager, Japan
Gowan Company
The Licensing Manager is the primary representative from Gowan to develop and maintain the relationships where Gowan Group companies represent Japanese technologies.
Gowan has established business relationships with Japanese companies for over 20 years. Active ingredients sourced from Japanese companies represent a majority of the Gowan USA business and significant business in Mexico. Currently, opportunities are being developed within Canada, South America and Europe as well. The Licensing Manager works closely with Gowan’s resident Japanese representative to identify the best matches for Gowan on the basis of products and business complementarity. These relationships are developed over a long time horizon with extensive cooperation from the Gowan Group companies. The Licensing Manager is responsible for developing and recommending Gowan’s strategy for Japanese partnerships.
For the numerous products that are currently licensed, the Licensing Manager facilitates communications among the product managers and others who work with associated molecules.
Beyond the active relationships, the Licensing Manager is responsible to develop a broad network among Japanese companies and centers of influence.
The Licensing Manager will support, where needed, the business development group within Gowan Group companies in reviewing and providing supportive information to outstanding business develop projects and proposals.
Qualifications include:
Technical and market knowledge, with depth in at least one aspect of the agricultural chemical sector. A working knowledge of industry players and ability to understand product fit.

Ability to understand and complete financial analysis of various projects and proposals.

Excellent skills in managing several tasks and projects at any point of time.
Strong communication skills, especially listening skills. Highly responsive. Ability to present Gowan’s strengths and positions.
Excellent strategic negotiation skills with view to developing long term relationships and repeat business. Serves as the point person in broad negotiations between companies.
Diplomacy and willingness to entertain. Flexibility.
Willingness to travel and host business dinners or outings.
Commitment, patience and tenacity for the role and the ultimate delivery of projects. Appreciation of the high importance of these projects to Gowan.
The position is in the Global Marketing Group and is based in Yuma, Arizona. Travel is required.
If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to

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