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Assistant Field Manager (


JOB TITLE: Assistant Field Manager (
Are you …
A professional who must live by a set of ethical values and positive life-affirming principles?
A purpose-driven professional who is a high achiever and works hard to continuously strive to pass your
“personal best” and exceed expectations that are set for you?
Are you a professional who is mature with longer time horizon in your planning, thinking and preparing for your
A responsible professional who honor your commitments and derive a sense of personal fulfillment by living up
to your word?
A disciplined professional who work to establish work flow to drive day-to-day productivity and consistent
A professional who can maintain focus for themselves and provide clear expectations and direction to those
you lead?
A goal focused professional who can effective keep your priorities aligned to drive toward desired results?
A professional who thrives on aligning resources and tasks to the overall purpose of the project?
A relationship driven professional who shows natural compassion for others and seeks to build an
collaborative, understanding environment with others?
A professional who takes initiatives and can take charge of situations to actively provide directions to others to
drive results?
A natural problem solver who practices information gathering to first understand and pursue solutions?
A lifelong learner who strive to increase your own personal knowledge, skill, and impact to bring maximum
value to your employer?
Walther Farms is a premier supplier of the potato industry. We have great pride in our ability to consistently exceed
customer expectations in the areas of Yield, Costs, Service, and Quality. This is accomplished by having an
organization filled with the best talent in the industry embedded in a world class culture driven to provide excellence
in everything we do.
Some of the primary functions of the Assistant Field Manager include:
Learn and apply proper irrigation and fertilization
Learn and assist with field preparation, planting, and harvesting
Exposure to learning budget and resource planning in agriculture operation
Safely operate and maintain farm equipment
Assist with research trials and record field data
Experience with diesel engines, generators, phase converters, and farm or irrigation technology preferred but not
required. Strong mechanical aptitude needed.

Competitive salary, depending on qualifications

Profit-sharing bonus of up to 30% of salary
Competitive health and dental insurance
Progressive growth and career path opportunity
Please submit application at

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