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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Full Time: Hertz Farm Management


Full Time: Hertz Farm Management


A Professional Farm Manager represents individuals, families, and entities that
own farmland but do not farm themselves. They will assist clients in helping them
achieve their goals and objectives. Typical goals and objectives include maximizing net
farm income while being good stewards of the farm.
The essential duties and responsibilities include establishing trust and relationships with clients, farm operators,
and agribusinesses. A farm manager will provide recommendations regarding the type.
of farm lease, the operator of the farm, and make recommendations to clients on
improvements that will enhance the farm's income and market value. Depending upon
the type of lease, a farm manager may be involved with selecting and purchasing the crop
inputs, make on-the-farm visits, scout the condition of the crops, and market the crop
production. A farm manager will spend approximately one-half of the time on clients'
farms and the other one-half of the time in the office. Activities in the office include
ordering the crop inputs, marketing the crops, developing the farm crop plans, and
writing reports to the landowners.
A Professional Farm Manager will also be involved with farm real estate
activities. This would include assisting clients in selling and acquiring farmland.
This position is located in Illinois. 
To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to:
Reid L. Thompson
Licensed Real Estate Broker:  IL & IN
Licensed Auctioneer:  IL & IN
Office:  217-762-9881
Cell:  309-531-7722

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