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The Maschhoffs


Job Title: Site Manager – Boar Stud FLSA Class: Exempt
Reports To: Service Manager – Boar Stud Department: Genetic Operations
Job Overview:
The primary responsibility of the Site Manager is to oversee the welfare, care and daytoday
management of their people and animals and to ensure that accurate semen orders are delivered
to customers on time. This position is accountable for all onfarm Genetic and performance
objectives and routine review of progress of the appropriate farm metrics using systemsbased
management. The Site Manager is responsible for developing a team of Section Managers and
Technicians through routine communications including training programs, planning, and
Performance Management. This position is also accountable for the wellbeing of animals in their
care and environmental stewardship.
Job Duties & Accountabilities
Typical Duties of a Site Manager – Boar Stud, Genetic Operations include:
Oversight of employee management including recruitment, hiring, scheduling of work
hours and assignments, payroll system reporting and proper reporting of disciplinary
Possess a thorough understanding of genetic principles and ensure implementation of all
Genetic and Boar Stud Work Instructions.
Ownership of all biosecurity and health protocols with the responsibility to train all
employees and visitors on proper procedures.

Development of all team members in production, leadership and organizational skills

through feedback, formal training sessions, goal setting and daily organization of activities.
Implementation of Work Instructions and standard operating procedures for all facets of
production, genetic improvement and quality control.
Maintain and submit accurate production records through the use of PRISM and other
recording systems to the proper stakeholder(s).
Schedule or perform maintenance and repairs on buildings and equipment, and oversight
of housekeeping responsibilities of the facilities including trash removal, cleanliness of the
office, break rooms, and employee changing areas.
Respond to objectives outlined by the Boar Stud Service Manager and clearly communicate
thoughts and ideas that may be relevant to the development of the program.
Ensure best management practices are consistent with commonly accepted standards for
animal welfare, biosecurity and safe work environment.
Minimum Qualifications
Type of Degree: High School Diploma or GED. Bachelors of Science in Animal Science,
Agriculture or related field preferred.
Number of Years: At least 1 year experience in pork production. Prior swine management and
supervisory experience preferred.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1) Knowledge of:
Pork production systems
Maintaining complete and accurate records
PRISM software program (not required)
2) Skilled in:
3) Ability to:
Lead and motivate people and teams
Organize, plan and execute
Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders
Develop staff and hold people accountable for their actions
Visual Activity (Seeing) X
Hearing * X
Speaking * X
Climbing X
Heavy Lifting X
Manual Dexterity X
Pushing/Pulling X
Standing X
Walking X
*Includes on telephone
Please identify the normal travel requirements, if any, which
apply for this job as a percentage of time.
Up to 20%
20% to 40% 41% to 70% Over 70%
Environment in the Barn
Extreme Hot or Cold Environments
Wet, Slippery Surroundings
Fumes, Smoke, Odors, etc.
Ability to handle exposure to dust, odors, and
noise for extended periods of time
Ability to stand and walk on concrete for extended
periods of time.
Competencies (Select the core competencies for this position)
Partnerships Business
X Execution
X Planning
X Champions
X Communication
X Leadership
The following are WTM only:
Partner Focus
Risk Taking & Change
Amanda Minton
The Maschhoffs
Boar Stud Service Manager

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