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 Iowa FSA Vacancy Announcements


To apply for this opportunity, please visit
The phrase “Fields of Opportunities” adorns the signs as you enter our beautiful state.  The Native Americans called Iowa “The Beautiful Land” (or “Place of Peace”).  You will drive by field after field of lush grasses, corn fields reaching to the skies, and blankets of rich green soybean fields.  As you pass well-kept farmsteads with hay bales speckling the land and cattle grazing on the rolling hillsides, you will feel as if you just stepped from a Grant Wood painting. Around every turn is a new adventure and new sites to see.
If you like friendly rural communities where everyone waves whether they know you or not, Iowa is the place to be.  We have great cities also where you can find all of the amenities of any metro area of the nation.  Our outdoor opportunities are numerous, whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, camping or biking (think RAGBRAI, a week long ride across the state held every year), this is the place to be.  And as anyone who has ridden RAGBRAI can tell you, Iowa is not FLAT!  We have beautiful hills full of fall colors.
The welcome sign is out at several Iowa FSA offices!  If you want to be involved in food security from the side of supporting production, Iowa is the center of attention.  We currently have seven opportunities among our 97 offices for you to continue to build on your stellar career with FSA. Check out our vacancies at or call out state office (515-254-1540) for more information.
There are also many great opportunities for your family members.   Iowa’s total occupational employment is expected to grow by 13 percent (1.3 percent annually) from 2010 to 2020, which will translate into 231,680 jobs. Growth in several major occupational groups is expected to surpass the state’s annual growth rate: Computer and Mathematical; Healthcare Practitioner; Community and Social Services; Construction; Business and Financial; Arts/Entertainment/Media; Installation/Maintenance/Repair; Transportation and Material Moving; and Architecture and Engineering. Most occupational groups are projected to have more job openings due to replacement needs versus openings resulting from new businesses and expansions. In many cases, replacement needs are more than double the number of job openings resulting from actual growth.  Iowa is also a leader in renewable energy.  We have many new manufacturing plants involved in production of wind energy equipment as well as a booming bio-fuel industry

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