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Ceres Solutions - GIS Technician


Ceres Solutions, LLP
Job Description Job Title: GIS Technician
Reports To: GIS Team Leader
Position Overview
Essential Job Functions
The GIS Technician is responsible for the input, handling, storing, and sharing of the various types of data utilized in modern agriculture. During the fall and the spring, soil sampling season, the GIS Technician’s primary role is to import soil test results from the testing lab and import data into the mapping software. Once the soil testing data has been imported into the program, the GIS Technician will review the requests of the growers and create recommendations tailored to their needs and operational desires. The GIS Technician will also work closely with the other members of the GIS team as well as the soil samplers. The GIS Technician may assist in the logistics and planning of the soil sampling operation. Additional responsibilities during the fall and spring seasons are to import harvest data in the fall, and planting data in the spring. The GIS Technician is responsible for compiling this information and returning it to the grower and sales staff as soon as possible to enable input and operational decision-making. The GIS Technician will work closely with the rest of the AgVantage department to further develop and promote the program within Ceres Solutions and to customers.
Secondary Job Functions
The GIS Technician may be asked to work on and support current programs offered by Ceres Solutions: NutriSolutions tissue sampling program, R7Tool variable rate planting and imagery program, IFS variable rate planting program.
Yearly Time Line:
January – Yield mapping, data request
February - Yield mapping, data request
March Spring soil sampling
April – Spring soil sampling, data request
May – Spring soil sampling, planting mapping, Imagery
June - Planting mapping, imagery, tissue sampling
July - Planting mapping, imagery, tissue sampling
August – Imagery, tissue sampling, field days
September – Soil sampling
October – Soil Sampling, yield mapping
November – Soil sampling, yield mapping
December – Soil sampling, yield mapping
Interested applicants, please send your resume and cover letter to:
Troy Walker
AgVantage-GIS Team Leader l Ceres Solutions, LLP 
P: 765-793-0063

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