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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Extension Associate Educator, Ag and Natural Resources/Economic & Community Development (CED Open) - Floyd County, New Albany, IN


Extension Associate Educator, Ag and Natural Resources/Economic & Community Development (CED Open) - Floyd County, New Albany, IN


Extension Associate Educator, Ag and Natural Resources/Economic & Community Development (CED Open) - Floyd County, New Albany, IN - Field Extension Educators(
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The Extension Associate Educator will provide overall coordination to the Purdue Extension's county educational program. These responsibilities include program planning, program development, program accountability, volunteer leadership development, interagency collaboration, public citizenship, and professional improvement.  Assist local farmers and agricultural industries in the production, management, and marketing of their agricultural enterprises. Effectively use agricultural and natural resources to contribute to the overall social and economic development within the county. Serve on the county planning and zoning and park board in those counties that have such boards. Provide expanded educational opportunities (skills and knowledge) for those engaged in agriculture, utilization of natural resources, and public policy issues, as well as the general public. Cooperate in economic, value added agricultural and natural resource efforts. Provide assistance to local constituents in the area of consumer horticulture. Work within a Plan of Work that is based upon program priorities expressed by the clientele needs and in accordance with established policies and procedures of the county and Purdue Cooperative Extension.
This position will also provide coordination with respect to Economic and Community Development initiatives.  This includes the creation and implementation of a vibrant and sustainable educational and engagement program that is customized to the local area. Programming will typically emphasize one or more of the following themes:  entrepreneurship; planning and visioning; workforce development; leadership and civic engagement; and/or community and public policy engagement. Responsibilities include the delivery of educational programs, workshops and technical services; the brokering of resources for community-based initiatives;  building and sustaining local and regional partnerships; acquiring grants and leveraging resources; serving as the primary local contact for Purdue's university-wide engagement effort; working with the media; and facilitating teamwork.    
  • Bachelor's Degree. 
  • Academic training and/or professional experience must be relevant to both the general and specific responsibilities noted.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management abilities.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision, including prioritizing work loads to meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrates well developed personal/interpersonal skills/works effectively with people.
  • Ability to identify needs and develop educational programs related to the position's responsibility.
  • Ability to prepare and interpret reports.
  • Knowledge and skill with computer technology in preparing and making presentations, data analysis and retrieval, word processing, email and internet applications. 
  • Possess strong communication, leadership, mentoring, teamwork, and group process skills.
  • Knowledge of basic educational methods.
  • Ability to work with diverse audiences and stakeholders.
  • Critical thinker.
  • Possess problem solving skills.
  • Dedicated to the concepts of empowerment and building local capacity.
  • Flexible and creative in the workplace setting.
  • Willing to grow and change as new needs and opportunities arise.
  • Valid driver's license
Additional Information:
  • This position is located in Floyd County, New Albany, IN.
  • CED Open
  • A Background check will be required for employment in this position.
  • FLSA: Exempt (Not Eligible For Overtime)
  • Retirement Eligibility: Fidelity Contributions Immediately. 
  • Please attach college transcripts to Taleo for this position.
  • Please provide at least three references in the reference section in the Taleo application or as an attachment. Please provide an email address for your references when available. Thank you.
  • Purdue University is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action employer.
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