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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Trupointe Marketing Job Openings


Trupointe Marketing Job Openings


Job Description
Position Specifics
Type: Salaried, Full Time
Experience Level: 2‐3 years preferred, but not required
Reporting Location: Wapakoneta, OH
Report to: Director of Marketing Services
Additional Needs: Benefits, Laptop, Creative Suite License, Phone, Desk Space, Camera
Position Responsibilities
‐ Oversee all written needs for company, including journalism, corporate voicing, web content,
advertising campaign content, company magazine and other printed support pieces; being
responsible for strong content, writing style and layout.
‐ Collaborate internally and externally to develop story ideas and need written support.
‐ Initiate, research, interview subjects for, write, and edit relevant and engaging content for print
and web communications in a style and tone that convey company brand.
‐ Collaborate to execute production of quarterly company magazine content and art.
‐ Retain broad knowledge media outlets and provide input for deployment or communication of
messaging as needed.
‐ Active as company editor for corporately produced marketing needs
‐ Write compelling and meaningful content.
‐ Company photographer; at times accompanying story similar to journalism
‐ Pro‐actively building needed relations with media outlets
‐ Provide pro‐active press‐releases regarding employee and company affairs.
‐ Oversee all print jobs and related vendor relations.
‐ Create and implement annual editorial calendars.
‐ Provide positive positioning through written support of the company.
‐ Master Editor within company using AP style and company style guide.
‐ Other responsibilities as arise with position.
Preferred Skills
‐ Sound proof reading/editorial skills; fluent with AP style
‐ Strong written skills, both narrative and journalism
‐ Strong communication skills
‐ Capability to work independently
‐ Interface well with colleagues and new audiences
‐ Capable of public speaking if necessary
‐ Creative mindset to form well organized stories and supporting content
‐ Basic knowledge or interest in agriculture
‐ Capability to work in a fast paced/high energy atmosphere
‐ Capability to prioritize work and responsibilities
‐ Attention to detail
‐ Knowledge of proper business etiquette
‐ Maintain a professional image
Preferred Experience
‐ Previous Journalism Experience
‐ BA or BS in Journalism or English
‐ Capability to interview and fact gather for stories
‐ Photography composition
‐ Ability to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop
‐ Experience with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office are preferred
To Apply
‐ Submit no more than three writing samples; including narrative, media release and opinion
‐ Submit no more than two photography samples; including portrait and scene.
**Upon interview, candidates will be asked to provide an in‐depth portfolio of their writing skills.
Interested candidates should submit resume, samples and employment application (found at
Additional information pertaining position may also be obtained by contact

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