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agecon_undergrad_jobs_full: Farm Clinic - Agronomist


Farm Clinic - Agronomist


Consultation For Over Seventy Years
2574 S. State Rd. 39
Frankfort, Indiana 46041
Phone (765) 659-1783
Fax (314) 659-1784
The Farm Clinic is a family owned soil testing and agricultural consulting firm, based out
of Frankfort, Indiana. We also have offices in Lexington, Kentucky and St. Louis,
Missouri. We are an independent soil testing firm. We do not sell fertilizer or other
agricultural products. Since our inception in 1939 our mission has been to provide
farmers with accurate soil fertility data in order to maximize yields, while optimizing
input costs. We do this by analyzing soil samples in our in-house soil lab. We then
combine this data with current research on crop nutrient needs and recommend
appropriate fertilizer rates, utilizing variable rate technology where appropriate.
The Farm Clinic is seeking an agronomist to join our team at our Frankfort, Indiana
office. The successful candidate will be responsible for leading a team in sampling
60,000 acres per year. They will also develop fertilizer program based on the results of
the soil tests. The successful candidate will also be responsible for interacting with
clients to ensure their satisfaction with the program.
Required Qualifications:
B.S. in Agronomy or related field.
5 years experience in taking soil samples and recommending fertilizer.
Good written and oral communication skills
Proficient in common office software
Desired Qualifications:
Current Certified Crop Advisor certification.
Familiarity with variable rate software programs.
Familiarity with automated soil analysis laboratory equipment.
Experience in managing a staff of 6-10 people.
Contact persons:
Roger Allman president 859 312-6933
Kurt Wilhelm agronomist 765 426-7998

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