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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Farm Credit Mid-America - Financial Service Offer Trainee


Farm Credit Mid-America - Financial Service Offer Trainee


Farm Credit MidAmerica
Job Title and Description: Financial Service Officer Trainee (Indiana) 11030
Locations will be in one of our field offices in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.
What is a “Trainee”? Financial Services Officer Trainees are entry‐level individuals who enter Farm Credit’s fast‐paced,
year‐round training program to become a fully functional Financial Services Officer – a competitive, goal‐oriented sales
and relationship management role that delivers constructive credit and high quality service at the best possible value to
farmers and rural residents.
The Financial Services Officer’s (FSO) primary responsibilities center on building relationships with customers in the ag
production market segment. The FSO will use his or her knowledge of agriculture and finance to fully understand the
customer’s or prospect’s business and personal plans and then market the FCS financial services that best meet the
needs. After initially screening for soundness, the FSO submits the information to an analyst, underwriter or scoring
system for final decision. The FSO leads the customer relationship and often coordinates with others to serve the
customer’s loan, lease, crop insurance and servicing needs.
What about training? In addition, an FSO must be committed to learning processes and the essential financial
foundation Farm Credit Services provides through our extensive, hands‐on training. The training program is focused on
combining these core business skills with our Mission, Vision, and Values in daily business. For trainees, the training
period will last 12‐18 months. During this time, trainees will be assigned a field office location with a FSO Mentor who
will help guide their development. Trainees will have diverse opportunities of daily activities in and out of the office.
In addition to on‐the‐job training, trainees complete required course work and attend classroom training every 4‐6
weeks at our Central Office in Louisville, Kentucky. This structured training is where trainees begin to learn the products
and services Farm Credit has to offer along with the credit skills and processes needed to serve the customer. The basics
of sales, marketing and finance are also an integral portion of the program, coupled with the opportunity to meet and
other FCS employees.
What’s next? A sales territory will be assigned during or near completion of the training program. Trainees are
encouraged to apply for specific locations as they come available any time during training.
Background/Requirements: Eligible students must have completed or will complete within a year’s time a Bachelor’s
Degree in agriculture, business, or related field. Current students need a minimum GPA of 3.0 Background or experience
in agriculture is desired.
Application Deadline: This position is open year‐round as we hire throughout the year. Interviews are usually conducted
in the fall and the spring.
Application Instructions: Please submit application online here: ‐ ORhttp://
www.e‐ ‐ Click on the photo, hit “continue."
Find and select: Financial Service Officer Trainee (Indiana) 11030, hit "submit application" and then you will need to enter your
e‐mail address and create a password to continue.
Contact Person and Information:


Stacy O’Diam – Sr. Recruitment Specialist; stacy.odiam@e‐; 502‐271‐0014


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