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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Marketing Internship - company won't be at Career Fair; need resumes by Oct. 30 = Trupointe Cooperative


Marketing Internship - company won't be at Career Fair; need resumes by Oct. 30 = Trupointe Cooperative


Corporate Marketing Services Internship
Trupointe Cooperative, Inc.
Wapakoneta, Ohio
Trupointe Cooperative is seeking bright, enthusiastic and forward‐thinking candidates to fulfill its
corporate marketing services internship position. The experience will be uniquely driven by the
strengths and skillset that the chosen candidate brings to Trupointe and will also involve general
marketing and communication tasks such as: writing, design, marketing campaign development, public
relations and professional development. This internship is a paid, full‐time position and is flexible with
start/end dates determined by school schedule. The position provides potential for multiple season
internships and/or long‐term career investment.
Trupointe is a leading, local, member‐owned agricultural and energy cooperative serving farmers from
its headquarters in Piqua, Ohio. Trupointe provides progressive, sustainable solutions that help farm
and home customers care for their families, conserve our natural resources and feed the world. We
provide products and services for agricultural supply, grain marketing, home heat, liquid fuel, turf &
ornamental, farm & home retail and technology. Trupointe was launched in 2010 after the
consolidation of two legacy cooperatives that successfully served this area since the 1920s.
Position Requirements
Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of one year of college, and be
working toward attaining a bachelor’s degree in related major fields of marketing,
communication or English.
Upon request of an interview, applicants will need to provide experience portfolio prior to
interview, detailing emphasis strengths and showcasing overall capabilities.
Applicants should be able to travel locally, having reliable transportation and be able work
from Wapakoneta, Ohio, while fulfilling position.
Applicants should show passion and drive for their work and be willing to learn and grow.
Applicants will also need to be able to perform some manual labor, such as moving boxes, etc.
Knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite is helpful.
Come prepared to learn and willing to help.
Expect your best, give your best.
To apply or for additional information on this internship position, please contact Carolyn Seibert at
419.739.4660 or Please provide resume at time of application.
Resumes must be received no later than October 30, 2013.

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