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Ponies and Kids

Body Last Updated 08/29/13
Ponies and Kids (PAK)
Nonprofit Professional Equine Facility
Job Description for Program Intern
“Learn to live, love, and grow with horses!”
Ponies and Kids (PAK), a nonprofit professional equine facility, is looking for
interns to assist with program and barn maintenance. PAK is a community
organization that aims to help youths develop physically, emotionally, and socially
through horseback riding and horse care. Interns are expected to commit to a
minimum of 10 hours a week, and in return interns will receive a resume-building
opportunity, community contacts, equine experience, letters of recommendation,
professional experience in the human services, education, animal science, and
management fields, and potential future employment. This internship may qualify for
class credit for certain departments. If interested, contact Wilene Gillim at (765) 426-
6479 or
Job Responsibilities1:
Assist with development and administration
o Supervise volunteers
o Assist with grant writing
o Marketing
Assist with special events and outreach programs
o Assist with lessons
o Fundraisers
o Birthday parties
o Promotional events
o Youth organizations
Assist with property and equine management
o Feeding
o Horse care
o Facility repair
o Grounds keeping
Attend occasional PAK board meetings
Required Qualities:
Good organizational skills
Proficient with a computer
Good with communication, both verbal communication and written communication
Works well with young child, adolescents, and adults
Takes direction well
1 Job responsibilities will be tailored and contextualized to interns’ interests, strengths, and experiences.

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