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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: IMMEDIATE Summer Assistance or Permanent Employment


IMMEDIATE Summer Assistance or Permanent Employment


Horse Farm
Position: IMMEDIATE Summer Assistance or Permanent Employment
Location: Northwest Indiana
Description: Horse farm with about 30 head of horses. Main crops are hay and soybean/corn. We do hay to
feed horses.
I am looking for summer help and/or a permanent placement.
Some duties include:
Fields need to be tilled and crops replaced
Parts of land need to start completely fresh
Horses are fed in morning and evening
Horses get turned out while stalls get cleaned
Need to learn tractors to use for manure spreading, hay cutting, hay raking, baling of hay & stacking in
loft, etc.
Keep driveway grass cut
Tree planting, make cutting from trees, etc.
I need someone to help in many avenues of this farm, we have many opportunities of work to do....along with
changes I want to make.
I want to make as much of this land into productive crops as possible and want figure out what piece of land
would be best to experiment with for household garden vegetables. I am considering getting a few goats and
learning how to make cheese, maybe a few chickens, and even a cow, for milking purpose. I do not know
everything about any of the above, but I am willing to learn new things with a student who has the appropriate
This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work, learn and teach. Let’s work together to
improvement and grow this into a great farm.
Housing: I have a room or stay in, private room. I give food, laundry, television, cable, etc. I am willing to
work with you on reasonable needs.

Are you ready to go to work immediately? Please email your resume to:

Deanna Krzeminski



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