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Covance Internships


Greenfield, IN: Discovery and Translational Services: IVP (In Vivo Pharmacology)
This internship position offers an opportunity to work on the pre-clinical side of drug development in our Discovery andTranslational Services Group. This is an opportunity to build upon a particular interest and knowledge of neuroscience in
a pre-clinical setting while assessing and documenting behavioral observations. The project lies heavily on strong datacollection and compliance with SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and government regulations. We are seekingstudents who are pursuing a life science or veterinary/lab animal technology degree. A statistical background will behelpful for this role. Job requisition number: 38356
Madison, WI: Early Drug Development: Study Direction
This internship position is within Covance's Early Development Business line (also pre-clinical), specifically the Study
Direction group. This is an opportunity to showcase an analytics background by helping to build a database of study
related information. The deliverable of this project will be a compilation of previous studies, allowing easy access to pull
specific information for reference/client inquiry of services. We are seeking a current student pursuing a life science
degree, with a particular interest or emphasis toward biology. Job requisition number: 37753
Madison, WI & Battle Creek, MI: Nutritional Chemistry & Food Safety
Our Nutritional Chemistry & Food Safety business line includes a wide range of analytical science work. Food quality,
nutrition and packaging affect nearly every person around the globe. In these departments, we do work for most of the
‘Top 100’ food companies, as well as many ingredient manufactures, infant formula and pet food companies. Between
these two locations, we have multiple internship positions available for students who are pursuing a degree in life
sciences. A particular interest in microbiology, chemistry or biochemistry will be beneficial in these roles. Job
requisition numbers: 38689, 38721, 38770 & 38771
Indianapolis, IN: Central Laboratory Services
Central Laboratories is part of our Clinical Development business and the team at our Central Laboratory locations
manage more than 214 million laboratory tests for over 1.2 M patients at over 120,000 investigator sites in over 95
countries! Since 1986, Covance Central Laboratory Services (CCLS) has been the world's leading provider of clinical
trial laboratory services, dedicated to testing specimens and reporting data. We manage clinical trials conducted all over of
the world. Our central laboratories use state-of-the-art processes for collecting, shipping, testing and storing laboratory
specimens. Our process delivers fast, high-quality data — from protocol and visit-specific patient kits produced in our
global automated kit production line, to computerized, bar-coded systems for testing and tracking specimens. Our
customers receive real-time, web-based access to our laboratory test results and reports, resulting in Covance's position as
a world leader in central laboratory services. Covance is a catalyst that enables medicine to change and save lives. Our
project teams are passionate about delivering excellent customer service and unfaltering science. Our whole team takes
pride in and has passion for what we do. As an integral part of this team, our employees make a difference in the lives of
millions. Job requisition number: 36981
Indianapolis, IN: Information Technology
This internship is designed for a Junior Business Process Analyst. In this role provides the opportunity to work on various
program platforms and technologies. Covance places high attention and continues to invest in our IT infrastructure,
programs and platforms, specifically a number of current strategic IT initiatives are playing a vital role in the acceleration
our companies broader business goals and objectives. Be a part of this team and exciting work this summer! Job
requisition number: 37584
Rebecca Verhulst
Sr. University Recruitment Specialist
Recruitment & Talent Services
Covance, Inc.

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