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Purdue Extension Internships


Extension Internships
   on 1/18/2013 3:00 PM
Category: Staff Development
By Mike Manning
Purdue Extension will be offering an Internship program for 2013. This effort assists us as we continue to get the word out to young people about the possibility of a career in Extension. We are most interested in college age students with preference given to Juniors or Seniors that have an interest in Extension work.
As in the past, we will work hard not to place an intern in their county of residence so they can have a broader experience than what they currently may know or have experienced at this point.
This gives us the potential to begin to "grow our own" new staff members and acquaint them with Extension work. If you know of any outstanding young people that might have an interest, please have them contact myself at, or Michelle Ballard at to get them more information.
-          Michael
Michael D. Wilcox, Jr., PhD

Assistant Program Leader / Economic and Community Development / Purdue Extension
Senior Associate / Purdue Center for Regional Development
Adjunct Assistant Professor / Department of Agricultural Economics / University of Kentucky
President / National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals

Purdue Center for Regional Development - and

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