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agecon_undergrad_Intern_part_jobs: Spring Semester Internship Opportunity - Marketing/Web Content; 10-12hrs/week


Spring Semester Internship Opportunity - Marketing/Web Content; 10-12hrs/week


Are you passionate about farming?
Interested in earning some $ whilst studying?
Want to add some meaningful experience to your resume?
If yes, we may have the job for you!
What is Yield Pop?
Yield Pop is an internet startup in the agriculture space. We are creating a simple way for
farmers to solve problems online and share information about what they are doing in real time.
We have been testing our product with farmers in Iowa and Illinois and will launch our beta site
at the beginning of January 2013.
What do you want an intern for?
We are looking for a smart, motivated intern to help us kick start the community. You would be
responsible for creating outstanding content and building an online (as well as offline) presence
amongst farmers. You would also be an ambassador for Yield Pop on campus to students and
other ag professionals at your university.
What kind of things would I be doing?
We want build a realistic work plan with you that fits your interests and learning objectives. But
the sorts of things you are likely to do include:
Answering specific questions posted by farmers on Yield Pop
Gathering background information and writing digests of existing academic research on
   specific topics (e.g. impact on soil quality of continuous corn rotations)
Guest posts on interesting news-worthy topics (e.g. impact of drought on yields at harvest)
Reviews of new technology introductions (e.g. precision ag equipment)
The best posts are short (~100-200 words) and informative. You will be posting all content
directly into a particular discussion thread. And you will be able to measure how much traffic
your post generates, so you’ll get direct feedback from farmers on how relevant it is!
We would also like you to do some on-campus marketing. Networking with students, extension
officers, ag professors, and others connected to your faculty about Yield Pop, and holding a
one-off information session
In addition, we would like you to help us with market research using on-campus resources as
well as helping us with off-campus interviews.
What qualifications do I need?
You must be enrolled full-time in an agriculture related degree or have a background in farming
(e.g. English majors who grew up on a farm are fine!). Knowledge of agronomy is a bonus, but
not essential. A passion for farming and an excitement at being part of building a new company
is more important. You must be interested in social media and have strong writing skills.
Is it paid? And what hours will I have to work?
We are looking for you to work 10-12 hours a week and we will pay you $10/hour so you can
expect to make ~$400/month. The internship will last approximately 3 months (one semester)
but we are open to longer or slightly shorter if that suits you better. Let’s discuss!
Great! I’m interested. What do I have to do next?
We think resumes are overrated, so email us – – with 300 words about
an ag related issue that you feel strongly about. And we promise to be in touch with you shortly!
Contact information
Name Matthew Perkins
Cell +1 312 361 3661
Skype mfperkins
Twitter @mfperkins
Matthew Perkins
Yield Pop
+1 312 361 3661

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