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Undergrad Announcements: Interested in England? Maymester still has 6-8 openings!


Interested in England? Maymester still has 6-8 openings!


In the English Landscape
An Interdisciplinar y Study Abroad Exploration of the Land, Science, Religion, the Landscape Ar ts and Economics. May 19 - June 13, 2014 ~ Three weeks living and learning in London, the West County, and in the North of England
International Programs in Agriculture
Registration is open to all Purdue University students who are in good academic standing. Students representing a wide diversity of disciplines enriches the course for all. To join the class, simply complete an online application. Simply Google search for “Purdue Study Abroad In the English Landscape.”
In this course, we will explore the rise of the country gentry, the landscape garden movement and the wars of religion in the 17th century, scientific inquiry and the Enlightenment, the rationalization of the rural economy in the 17th and 18th centuries, urbanization and the Industrial Revolution, global plant exploration, the Darwinian revolution in the 19th century, and several threads of reaction, reform, and renewal into the early 20th century. Thoroughly interdisciplinary in nature, this course links social and political development with changing land-use patterns, environmental history, horticulture, aesthetic and ornamental designs, scientifi c discoveries and technological innovations, all the while keeping in focus the central elements linking culture and society
with the landscape itself.
If interested, contact the individual by early February!
John L. Larson
Professor of History
Director of Graduate Studies
672 Oval Drive
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN  47907
765-494-4127    cell 765-412-9166




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