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Undergrad Announcements: Sorghum Challenge Scholarship - opportunity for a trip to D.C. to meet with National Sorghum Producer Board


Sorghum Challenge Scholarship - opportunity for a trip to D.C. to meet with National Sorghum Producer Board


February 13, 2013
Subject: 2013-14 NSF Scholarships
To: Departmental Scholarship Coordinators:
The National Sorghum Foundation is pleased to once again offer the Sorghum Challenge Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic school year. The attachment explains details as well as the application form required. The highlight of this particular recognition is the Washington D.C. fly-in with the National Sorghum Producer Board as well as key staff at which time the recipient has opportunity to learn more about the legislative process and meet Ag related members of congress and their staff. All expenses are covered for this Spring trip in addition to the $1000 provided towards tuition at the beginning of the school year. This then becomes a wonderful opportunity for the student to better understand how the Congress, USDA, and related agencies interact to determine future agricultural policy.
The second Scholarship, The Darrell Rosenow award, is now in its second year and is in recognition of Dr. Rosenow, who contributed greatly since hybridization of the crop to improved germplasm with special emphasis on drought tolerance and disease resistance. Darrell’s career long dedication to the crop impacted both U.S. and sorghum producers around the World. He recognized the value of the genetics in the World Collection and through his innovation developed along with other Texas A&M scientists the Sorghum Conversion Program. This allowed for the use of tropical varieties which otherwise were too tall and flowered too late if at all under temperate photoperiod.  Numerous improvements for yield and grain quality as well as biotic and abiotic stress resistance resulted from his accomplishments. A separate attachment relates to this scholarship with $1000 to be applied to the student’s tuition.
The Foundation appreciates your effort to make these awards available to student applicants by so posting their description and when possible mentioning them to classes and advisors.
Should there be questions, I may be contacted by e-mail or phone (806) 749-3478 at our national office.
Best regards,
Bruce Maunder
Bruce Maunder
President, National Sorghum Foundation

Senior Vice President DEKALB Genetics, retired

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