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Undergrad Announcements: Study abroad opportunity - Columbia


Study abroad opportunity - Columbia



Study Abroad–Colombia, Summer 2013
Food Security and Sustainable Development
May 13 June 7, 2013

This course provides an international and multidisciplinary perspective on food security and resources. Focus will be case studies that represent different regions of the world with special emphasis on the changing conditions for tropical agriculture. The case studies, discussed in the context of the Millennium Development Goals, will help students gain knowledge and understanding of regional variations of food security and resources, sustainable development and economic growth throughout the world.  Separate segments will deal with various components influencing food security. These include segments on social and demographic changes, on the physical environment and global climate change, economic systems and global trade. This is a five-week course. The first three weeks will be a joint course among Purdue students and Colombian students using video conferencing. The Universidad de Caldas and the Universidad de Tecnológica de Pereira are Purdue’s partners in this course. Purdue students will have lectures in Spanish, while the Colombian students will have lectures in English. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions, and will travel to Colombia. Students will participate in lectures, visits to agri-businesses and cultural sites during the fourth and fifth weeks.
For more information contact: Adriela Fernandez, IPIA, AGEC,


CALL OUT Thursday, January 24- 6:00-7:00pm – Kran 661




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