Science Cafe

Purdue Agriculture Science Cafe

Featured Project: Science Café

Client: College of Agriculture

Description: Monthly gatherings where community members are invited to discuss a science topic with a Purdue researcher. The discussions, which revolve around issues that affect people, are designed to appeal to anyone, regardless of their science background.

Purpose/Audience: To provide science-based education to general audiences.

AgComm Contributions:


  • Introduced program concept to Purdue Agriculture
  • Designed program identity (PDF: 240 KB)
  • Designed program business card (PDF: 218 KB)
  • Secured partner, K. Dees Coffee & Roasting, to host monthly events
  • Created website

Ongoing (monthly)

  • Organize and run each event
  • Promote events through local media, posters (PDF: 307 KB), fliers (PDF: 271 KB), social media, and e-mail.
  • Maintain website with schedule of events