Genomics eXplorer

Genomics eXplorer

Featured Project: Genomics eXplorer

Client: David E. Salt, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Description: Genomics eXplorer is a museum-quality exhibit that examines Earth's most crucial living creatures - plants - and investigates the important contributions genomics researchers are making to agriculture, human health, and the environment.

Purpose/Audience: To explain the basic concepts of plant genomics to students in grades 6-12 and their families.

AgComm Contributions:


  • Worked with faculty content specialists to identify learning objectives
  • Wrote script to teach educational concepts to exhibit visitors
  • Identified academic standards met by exhibit content
  • Built exhibit framework and supplemental pieces to populate exhibit
  • Created graphics and design to convey educational concepts visually
  • Developed interactive, hands-on activities to engage exhibit visitors
  • Produced six videos for viewing at various stations throughout the exhibit
  • Wrote, edited and designed advertising materials (PDF: 3.24 MB) to promote exhibit to potential renters
  • Created promotional advertisement (PDF: 1.23 MB) for inclusion on the AgComm Traveling Exhibit Program website


  • Market exhibit nationwide for rental through AgComm Traveling Exhibit Program
  • Transport exhibit to and from scheduled venues nationwide
  • Repair and maintain exhibit materials