Expert Reviewed Video

Purdue Extension Video Numbering Guidelines

Purdue Extension publications have long been numbered and reviewed as ways to designate the source and credibility of the information. Ag Communication recognizes that a well-planned, educational video can be a valuable information resource. We've developed a system that is similar to that for publications and will provide the same quality and credibility check for educational videos.

What Qualifies:

Educational video is best used to communicate ideas that:

  • Demonstrate a process
  • Take an audience somewhere they couldn't ordinarily go
  • Are planned productions or programs

Video of narrated PowerPoint, or of classroom lectures, while necessary for some circumstances, does not qualify for an Extension Video number. At times photos can be used in a video, but a straightforward slide show doesn't normally make great video. They are okay to create, but we are looking for more production value and visual storytelling. Much like the difference between a newsletter and a numbered publication; both are useful, but only one qualifies for a number.

Getting Started

You will need to fill out an ACS Form 1. This will be used to track reviewers, and allow for us to assign a number once the full review has been completed. We ask that you fill out the "Production Notes" section of the Form 1 with an abstract of your video. We will use this information to list your video as a resource in the Education Store. The Form 1 will be turned into the Coordinator of the Multimedia Unit.

As you plan and develop your content, you will need to make sure that your reviewers are willing and able to give you feedback. As with publications, you will secure content reviewers and have them evaluate your video. Once that is completed, Ag Communication will review video production values only.

Production Pointers

Here are a few pointers to make your videos look more professional.

  • Consider the audience. Who are you trying to reach? What language/jargon are they familiar with? What approach would work best to reach them?
  • Consider your objectives.What are the handful of key points tha tyou need to make? Is the material visual?
  • Plan for success.Rarely does going out into the field and winging it produce a great video. Plan out what you need to say, what shots you can get, whether you need to be on-camera demonstrating, or if an off-camera voice over narration would be more appropriate. A little planning goes a long way.
  • Over shoot.Not sure if you'll 'need' the shot? Get it anyway.
  • Keep it simple. Good story telling does not require a lot of transitional effects and rapid movement.
  • Remember your brand. It's good to acknowledge Purdue and either Purdue Agriculture or Purdue Extension. There are guidelines for the brand located at Purdue Extension's Communication and Marketing Resources website.

Video Review

There are a few things that we will evaluate in order to determine whether or not your video will receive an extension video number.

  • Video Quality: Is the video in focus? Are graphics legible? Are shots well framed? Is the editing smooth? Are transitions well used?
  • Audio Quality: Are audio levels good? Are microphones appropriately used? Are music levels appropriate? Is the music licensed? (Please include a copy of the rights you have to any music.)
  • Organization: Does the information flow in a logical order? Does the story or structure make sense?

The Approval

Once your video has been evaluated and approved by both content and video reviewers, you will receive an extension number. Ag Communications will give you access to an "Expert Reviewed" animation that will need to be placed at the beginning of your video. Within the animation, we will include your extension number.

Once that's been edited, we ask that you allow us to upload your video to either Purdue Agriculture's YouTube channel, or Purdue Extension's YouTube channel, whichever is applicable. We will keep track of the numbered videos on the appropriate channels. Your video will then be listed in The Education Store and linked to as a product resource.