Design and Editorial Services

About Us

As part of AgComm, we work in teams to help your message reach the right people - and we look forward to working with you. No matter what project you have in mind, start with the editor who is the contact person for your department or group.

If you're wondering what's possible with us, look in The Education Store to see just some of what we produce in AgComm.

Purdue Extension Publications

We edit and design peer-reviewed, numbered Purdue Extension materials. These publications range from one-page online fact sheets to interactive CDs. You'll find many of these in The Education Store.

Promotional Materials

We can make your product, program, or event a success by creating promotional and marketing materials. From postcards to billboards, no project is too small or too big.

Custom-designed, high-end promotional materials take more time and money to create, so be sure to allow for that in your schedule and budget.

Website Editing and Design

Our editors and designers work with you, other members of the AgComm team, and your technical support staff to develop Web sites based on your needs and those of your audience. We edit your copy and create a design for your site, then turn it over to you to maintain.

CD-ROMs and DVDs

We create CDs and DVDs, whether you want a CD/DVD of conference papers or a fully interactive instructional tool complete with video and animation. You'll find some of these in The Education Store.


We play a major role in writing, editing, and designing the following periodicals:

The Education Store for Purdue Extension

We maintain and update the gateway page to ​The Education Store for Purdue Extension, the online resource for Purdue Extension educational materials.