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News Releases

The staff writes news releases based on research, events and experts in the College of Agriculture or Extension. We also produce a calendar that lists College of Agriculture-related events. Story information should be directed to Keith Robinson, News and Public Affairs Coordinator, by phone at (765) 494-2722 or via email at

An email digest of stories is distributed each Friday to anyone who would like to receive it. Subscribe here.

Media Relations

The Media Relations and Public Information unit helps reporters find sources for their own stories. We assist journalists who visit campus by scheduling interviews, suggesting interview locations and/or places to shoot b-roll and arranging parking passes. We also make media visits, traveling to news operations to meet with reporters and pitch Purdue story ideas. Please contact Keith Robinson, Media Relations and Public Information Manager, for story ideas at (765) 494-2722 or via email at

Public Affairs Consulting

Purdue faculty and staff are encouraged to accommodate the media as best they can. The Media Relations and Public Information unit can offer suggestions on how to work with the media. Some issues may attract and/or result in negative publicity for the college. We can suggest ahead of time how best to deal with those topics and how to handle media calls about various issues. Please contact Keith Robinson, Media Relations and Public Information Manager, for story ideas at (765) 494-2722 or via email at


AgComm creates Web sites for administrative offices in the College of Agriculture and for high-profile events and programs sponsored by the college. We also maintain a news site. Our Web design team can be reached at: (765) 494-8400 or at

Impact Statements


The Media Relations and Public Information unit is responsible for collecting and editing short statements about the impact of Purdue Extension, teaching and research efforts. Faculty and staff are asked to submit impact statements to highlight how their work has benefited the public economically, environmentally, or socially. Impact is the difference Purdue research and programs are making in people's lives. These statements are compiled annually and sent on to the USDA. For information on how impact statements are used and how to write an effective impact statement contact Becky Theller, editor, at (765) 494-0461, or via email at

News Periodicals

To learn more about the periodicals such as Ag Answers, Agricultures and Connections, please go to the Periodicals page.

For more information about Purdue Agriculture Media Relations and Public Information, email Keith Robinson.