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Traveling Exhibit Program

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Purdue Agriculture Traveling Exhibit Program 

Every year thousands of children and adults experience our hands-on, interactive exhibits at the Indiana State Fair. Many more experience them at museums, science centers, and other venues. We combine videos,​ computer games, and other fun features to bring cutting-edge research from Purdue University to your community.

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Contact: Jeff Rollins
Traveling Exhibit Program Coordinator
(765) 429-5409

Discover the rental exhibits now available!

To MyPlate and Beyond
Join Max and Munch on a healthy adventure as they discover the USDA's simple plan for eating right, My Plate.

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Explore the habits of these pesky parasites and what you can do to stop them.

Be a Tooth Sleuth
Discover a lot about mammals just by looking at their teeth.

The Bone Zone Carnival of Healthy Choices
A lively carnival setting provides visitors information about bone health, diet and exercise.

The Bone Zone mini-exhibit
Learn about the importance of diet and exercise for healthy bones.

Genomics eXplorer
Walk through the world of plant genomics.

fat dogs coughing horsesFat Dogs and Coughing Horses​
Learn more about the Fat Dogs and Coughing Horses exhibit.

What's Bugging Belva?
She's bugged about being a bug? So learn why insects are beautiful, have cool features, and serve important functions.