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DAA: McArthur Floyd

McArthur Floyd

Normal , AL | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 2001

When McArthur Floyd’s friends and family gather, they can count on one certainty: They’ll enjoy starring roles in a Floyd classic. “I’ve been the official videographer for the past 13 years,” Floyd laughs. “Whenever you see me, I’ll have my camera with me. One of these days, I plan to sit down, organize my collection, and put together a ‘world’s travels’ tape for the family.” New releases routinely join the archives. Floyd videotapes family holidays, vacations, and friends’ weddings. He’s most enthralled by natural scenes, and he has documented trips to the country’s national parks. He’s visited all but four, and he hopes to add Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to the docket soon. ‘‘I’m motivated by the joy of recording special moments, and also by the expressions of joy when I share tapes with family and friends,” Floyd says. Sharing joy takes many forms - whether he’s leading a young adult “Facts of Life” Bible class or encouraging students at Alabama A&M. The spirit, Floyd says, is rooted in the 13 months and 21 days he spent in the Vietnam jungles three decades ago. “It was a very troubling period, but one of real evaluation for me,” he recalls. “I often felt I was fighting a war for a country that didn’t seem to appreciate me as a person. “But I learned to look for the positive in everyone I meet, and to take something good from every experience. Life is more than what comes to you - it’s what you give to others.” Floyd next hopes to spend time in Africa, applying biotechnology to increase the food supplies in various countries on that continent. As he travels, he’ll share his expertise - and sharpen his keen videographer’s eye.