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DAA: Elaine R. Wedral

Elaine R. Wedral

, | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1992

Dr. Wedral is President and Chairman of Westreco, Incorporated, located in Milford, Connecticut. Westreco is the North American Research and Development arm of Nestle S.A., the world’s largest food company, based in Switzerland. She serves on the Research and Development Steering Committee for Nestec, a subsidiary of Nestle S.A., which plans research and development strategy worldwide for Nestle. Dr. Wedral began her professional career as a Chemist at the Campbell Soup Company. She has since held positions as Senior Scientist in Product Development and Nutritional Services, Director of Product Development and Vice President of Research and Development and Technical Support Systems with Libby, McNeill, & Libby. Following the merger of Libby and Nestle S.A., Dr. Wedral was promoted to Vice-President/Director of Research and Development for Westreco, Inc., Nestle’s Western Hemisphere Research Laboratory. At Westreco she consolidated the Libby, Beech-Nut, and Nestle Foods development groups and technical services. In 1987, Dr. Wedral was named President of Nestle’s California development laboratory, which previously served as the Carnation Company’s research center. She reorganized that facility and directed the planning and construction of a state-of-the-art pet food product development laboratory in Missouri. Following this she assumed her current position with Westreco, Inc. She is deeply interested in the science education of our young people and is currently affiliated with the National Alliances for Science and the National Council for Science EdCication, whose goals relate to optimization of our science education methods and encouraging students to pursue careers in science.