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DAA: Stanley Curtis

Stanley Curtis

Univeristy Park, PA | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1996

Stanley Curtis is a rare blend of visionary leader, creative researcher, gifted teacher, and dynamic speaker. He is a professor of animal sciences at Pennsylvania State University, and the leading authority of the well-being of farm animals. Dr. Curtis has been at the forefront of scientific and political issues surrounding animal well-being. His leadership and influence is increasing public understanding of agricultural extends around the globe. After earning his doctorate from Purdue in 1968 with highest distinction, Stanley joined the faculty at the University of Illinois, where he advise hundreds of students and about new courses on applied ecology that educated more than 1600 upper-level and graduate students. In 1980, he received the Alpha Zeta award for outstanding instructor in agriculture from the University. Since joining Penn State 1990, Dr. Chris has taught courses in animal management, applied ecology, I follow G, and agricultural ethics. He has authored or co-authored 27 book chapters, 91 scientific articles, 107 abstracts of papers presented at scientific meetings, over 50 monographs, and miscellaneous articles. His book, environmental management at animal agriculture, is currently being revised in reprinted. A native of Culver, Indiana, Dr. Curtis has always been ahead of his time. He recognized 30 years ago that the animal rights movement would grow in strength when others dismissed it as a passing fad. His continue to provide leadership and vision in this area. His current research efforts on animal cognition promise new understanding of age old issues and science and animal care. Send me as Pres. of them the American Association for accreditation of laboratory animal care, and past Pres. of the American Society for animal science and the Federation of American societies of food animal sciences. He’s speaking, studying and consulting has taken him to owe all 50 states in the United States and 20 foreign countries. He has presented more than 400 lectures outside of his university activities. In 1998 he received the Charles A Black Award, Council for Agricultural Technology (CAST), for exemplary contributions to enhancing the understanding of agriculture by the general public.