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DAA: Joann K. Green

Joann K. Green

Indianapolis, IN | Distinguished Ag Alumni: 1999

Joann K. Green graduated from Purdue in 1977 with a BS in Landscape Architecture. She is president of Claire Bennett Associates of Indianapolis. Here are some of her thoughts on education, career, and life: On her earliest influences: “Growing up with four older brothers, I was always treated like one of the ‘guys,’ and my parents encouraged me to take on many nontraditional responsibilities and challenges. “My father had a profound influence on me as a person and as a professional. He always said, ‘You can never go wrong by trying to treat others fairly.’ In my early years, when I’d get frustrated with a client, he’d remind me the client is almost always right. I’ve grown to understand exactly what he was talking about. “My father was a construction project manager, and he used to take me to his construction sites. He would look at these huge buildings and stand in awe of what had come out of the ground-what he had been a part of. For many years, my father was invited to Purdue once a year to speak to civil and structural engineering classes.” On choosing Purdue: “Two of my older brothers graduated from Purdue with degrees in mechanical and civil engineering. Both of them secured good positions, and their experiences impressed upon me the need to go to a school where I could be assured of finding desired employment right after graduation. Purdue also had an outstanding academic reputation.” On choosing landscape architecture: “In the 1970s, many students were selecting interests based on causes, and the environment was my cause. At that time, there were areas in Indianapolis that were very unattractive and insensitive to the natural environment. I remember driving down Keystone Avenue, an early poor example of suburban strip development, and thinking to myself, ‘What can I do to make sure this kind of development doesn’t continue?’ I also wanted to study something that would combine my interests in technology and art. I felt landscape architecture would be a good marriage of the two.” On her most significant professional accomplishment: “I am most rewarded by my role in the design of public spaces. I often see the trails I’ve designed, and see them being used and enjoyed by families. I take every opportunity I’m offered to appropriately and creatively plan and protect the environment. That is what’s so great about what I do-I get involved in everything from planning pocket parks to county-wide land use strategies. I enjoy all the aspects equally.” Her life philosophy: “I try to treat each day as a gift. This attitude helps me keep my life in perspective. It also helps me to focus on the appropriate treatment of others.” Booklet highlights/Green Education B.S., Purdue University, Landscape Architecture, 1977 Registered Landscape Architect in Indiana since 1982 Career 1992-present Claire Bennett Associates, Inc. Vice President, 1992-1997 President and Owner, 1997-present 1987-1992 Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff Director of Planning and Landscape Architecture 1985-1987 CSO Architects, Inc. Project Manager 1977-1985 The McGuire and Shook Corporation Project Landscape Architects Honors and Associations Purdue University Landscape Architecture Outstanding Alumni, first recipient, 1994 Board member, Department of Capital Asset Management-City of Indianapolis, 1998 Secretary (1993-94), Fund-raising Coordinator (1993), Indiana Make-A-Wish Foundation Advisory Committee, Indiana Vietnam and Korean War Memorial, 1992 State Chapter President (1985), State Chapter Treasurer (1980-1983), American Society of Landscape Architects Family Joann Green’s husband, Steve, is a construction project manager for Toth Ervin, Inc., in Indianapolis. They are the parents of twins, 14-year-old Conner and Hadley. Like his mother, Conner is interested in the environment, particularly wildlife conservation, and enjoys outdoor recreation and camping. Hadley loves reading and sports. They love to travel as a family and all four are regular fans of Purdue University basketball and football. Display quote/Green “I try to treat each day as a gift. This attitude helps me keep my life in perspective. It also helps me to focus on the appropriate treatment of others.”