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COD : Bernard Liska

1995 Certificate of Distinction Winner Bernard Liska

Bernard Liska

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1995

When Bernard Liska stepped down as Purdue University's dean of agriculture, he stepped back into a role he clearly enjoyed: teacher. In 32 years at Purdue,• Liska has served as a teacher, e researcher, an extension specialist and an administrator, He has held the positions of director of the Food Science Institute m well as associate director and director of the Agricultural Experiment Station (now known as the Office of Agricultural Research Programs), Today Liska is a professor of food science. Liska's commitment to agriculture doesn't end with the boundaries of the Purdue campus; He has served on a number of boards of directors, including those of the 4-H Foundation, the Indiana Dairy Products Association and the Indiana Institute of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition. Liska has served as president of the Institute of Food Technologists. Known for his vision, Liska has been involved with the creation and development of numerous facilities and programs, including a new center for plant science research, new undergraduate scholarships and the Indiana Leadership Training Program, In nominating Liska for the Certificate of Distinction, one individual wrote that as an administrator, Liska "provided outstanding intellectual leadership for the enhanced development of science in the School of Agriculture at Purdue University. He had the, foresight to identify critical areas in which expertise should be developed to be positioned for future leadership roles in science,"  Liska has published more than 90 research publications, and he has served as editor of the Journal of Food Science for 10 years