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COD : Don Griffith

1996 Certificate of Distinction Winner Don Griffith

Don Griffith

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1996

Don Griffith, a Purdue University agronomist since 1968, is considered by his peers to be the foremost authority in the Midwest on conser¬vation tillage. His major contribution has been to provide information on conservation tillage planting systems for corn and soybean production that both increases profitability and pro¬tects our state's soil and water resources.
He has received awards for his work from Purdue University Coop¬erative Extension Specialist Associa¬tion, the American Society of Agronomy, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and the Soil and Water Conservation Society. He is listed in Who's Who in Technolo¬gy Today.

He has worked as an agronomist for Libby-McNeil & Libby and Pur¬due University and has been active in the Indiana Cooperative Extension Service, Soil and Water Conserva-tion Society, Farm Bureau, Ameri¬can Society of Agricultural Engi¬neering and other organizations. He was coordinator and chair of tillage research for more than 25 years.
Griffith has held membership in Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta and Epsilon Sigma Phi.