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COD : Marshall Mohler

1996 Certificate of Distinction Winner Marshall Mohler

Marshall Mohler

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1996

Marshall Mohler is "Mr. Red Poll." He is recognized by the entire beef cattle society for his pioneering development of selective breeding among the Pinney-Purdue cattle. His efforts propelled that herd into pre¬mier status among cattle breeds.

His portrait hangs in the Live¬stock Hall of Fame. Mohler has developed carcass evaluation for numerous 4-H, Junior and Open programs and has promot¬ed the importance of carcass quality, milking ability and those traits that produce faster gains.

Mohler is frequently solicited as the "patron saint" of the Red Poll cattle breeders. He is known as the singular national author for Red Poll cattle, with a focus on statistical measurement for beef cattle perfor¬mance and testing.

Mohler developed the Advance Registry and was instrumental in garnering Gain Registry acceptance and use. His leadership with the National Red Poll Association brought about Carcass Registration, which trust the Red Poll breed into national prominence.
He has been president of the Pure¬bred Livestock Association, chair¬man of the Indiana Bull test Station Board, and a member of the Indiana Beef Producers association and the Hoosier Beef Show Committee. In his retirement Mohler created and marketed a new industry publication, "Total Performance Newsletter¬ Conception through Consumption."