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COD : Bill R. Baumgardt

1998 Certificate of Distinction Winner Bill R. Baumgardt

Bill R. Baumgardt

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1998

Researcher, animal scientist, administrator, agricultural spokesman and church leader. Bill Baumgardt has worn many hats during his career and worn them all with distinction and honor. After Feb.1, you can add the hat that says “retired.”
Baumgardt is closing down a long and storied career. As associate dean and director of agricultural research programs at Purdue University, Baumgardt provided leadership to 272 faculty with research expenditures of $45.5 million.
“As a scientist and administrator of people and public funds, he has always demonstrated the highest level of integrity and commitment to excellence,” says Edward L. Veenhuizen, past president of the Purdue Council on Agriculture, Extension and Teaching (PCARET).
Baumgardt earned degrees from Purdue (B.S. 1955, M.S. 1956) and Rutgers (Ph.D. 1959).
“Bill is a tireless, unselfish, state-of-the-art person,” says Jack L. Albright,  of the Indiana Commission of Farm Animal Care. “He epitomizes what the Certificate of Distinction represents by recognizing service to Indiana and our nation’s agriculture above and beyond the call of duty.”
Baumgardt came to Purdue from Penn State University, where he was professor of animal nutrition (1967-80), head of the department of dairy and animal science ((1970-75) and Associate Director of the agricultural research station and Associate Dean for Research (1979-80) “Bill has been a strong advocate for the land grant university system and its agricultural research and education programs,” says Charles R. Krueger, agronomy researcher at Penn State.
“He has articulated convincingly the important role these programs have made to improving the agricultural industry of the United States for the benefit of all its citizens.”
Baumgardt is a past president (1984-85) and director (1978-81) of the American Dairy Science Association. The group honored Baumgardt in 1993 with its Award of Honor and again in 1997 by naming him a Fellow of the Association.
“Bill grew up on a dairy farm,” recalls H. L. Thacker, Director of the Purdue Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratories. “He has not forgotten his roots. He has shown remarkable dedication to honoring those roots through service to the agricultural community of this state.”