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COD : Lawrence P. Bohl

1999 Certificate of Distinction Winner Lawrence P. Bohl

Lawrence P. Bohl

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1999

"Elite teacher" and "superb Counselor" are two descriptions that Purdue faculty uses time and again to describe Larry Bohl. But Bohl's many career achievements are best captured in the words of a former student who said "He has truly given a big part of his life to see that students are successful."
Since 1970 Bohl has been a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural Economics. For almost 30 year he has taught multiple sections of an introductory agricultural economic course that is taken by most freshmen in the School of Agriculture. And for the past 20 years he has been the head undergraduate counselor for the school's largest undergrad pro gram, Agricultural Economics. All told Bohl has taught and counseled more than 10,000 students in a school that only has about 30,000 living alumni. 
No matter how many students passel through his door, Bohl clearly took time to get to know them and help them formulate academic plans and career paths to best serve their objectives. One former student said, "He remember your name, no matter how long ago it was you knew him."
"Among Purdue Agriculture's good teachers, Larry is clearly one of the best. He is a champion of the cause of quality teaching," said Lowell Hardin: professor emeritus and former department head of agricultural economics.
Bohl's service to students has taken many forms outside the classroom. He has served as an advisor to the Agricul­tural Economics and National Agri-marketing Association student clubs, and he has served as a faculty fellow at Vawter Hall for many years.

Bohl graduated from Montana State University in 1953. He earned both his master's and doctoral degrees from Purdue, in 1967 and 1971, respectively.
He has received many honors for his dedication and service. Purdue has awarded him the Amoco Outstanding Teaching Award and the Omicron Delta Kappa Award for Outstanding Coun­selor. He has been named the School of Agriculture’s Outstanding Teacher in 1978 and it’s Outstanding Counselor in 1984. The American Agricultural Eco­nomics Association presented him its Outstanding Teacher Award twice dur­ing his career, first in the "less than 10 years experience" category and later in the "more than 10 years experience." In 1996 Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. awarded Bohl the Frederick L. Hovde Award of Excellence for educational service to the rural people of Indiana. The Purdue Alumni Association in 1998 recognized  him with the Special Boilermaker Award for making a difference in the lives of a significant number of Purdue students.
"Professor Larry Bohl is a superb rep­resentative of the elite group of teachers and counselors," said Richard Kohls, professor and dean emeritus. “To thousands of Purdue Age, Larry Bohl is the Purdue they know and support.”