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COD : Maurice Douglas

Maurice Douglas

Shelby County, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1942

Maurice Douglas was a state legislator, founder of Indiana Farm Bureau, farmer, lawyer, and insurance agent in Shelby County. He graduated from Franklin College in June 1896 and joined the Indiana Bar in December 1986. He took a job in Michigan until 1904 when his parents urged him back to the family farm. Here he served on the stock Special Train in 1912 and as an instructor for Farmer's Institute sponsored by Purdue in 1935. Additionally he was a member of the Indiana House and the Indiana Senate focusing on agricultural concerns. In 1919 as part of the Grange Institute he helped found Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. He was the District 8 Director from 1936-1946. During the Great Depression and WWII, Douglas served on the Agricultural Administration Act Board.