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COD : Henry F. Schricker

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1945 Henry F. Shricker

Henry F. Schricker

North Judson, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1945

Henry Frederick Schricker was the 36th and 38th Governor of Indiana from 1941 to 1945 and from 1949 to 1953. He is the only Indiana governor elected to two non-consecutive terms, and the only governor between 1852 and 1977 to be elected to more than one term in office. His terms were marked by strong opposition party control of the Indiana General Assembly who attempted to remove powers from the governor that had been bestowed in during the Great Depression.
Born in North Judson, IN he went to public school through eighth grade and then attended a local college to complete his education.   After a year of studying law on the side, he passed the bar examination and began practicing law in Knox with his mentor, Adrian Courtright. He became the cashier of the Hamlet bank in 1907, and became the owner, publisher, and editor of the Starke County Democrat in 1908. He was actively involved in the community; organizing the first Boy Scout troop in Starke County in 1912, and presiding as the chief of the Knox Fire Department.
He began his political career as a Senator in 1932 and then as Lieutenant Governor in 1937. As Lieutenant Governor he was also head of the state's agricultural department and spent considerable time traveling around the state for meetings with leaders of farming communities. Schricker was a popular Hoosier politician known for his small-town boy charm and his signature white hat. He was in demand as a speaker, and his advice and sanction were sought by Democratic candidates. He received national recognition when he was chosen to deliver the joint nomination speech for Adlai Stevenson at the Democratic National Convention in 1952. He retired to Knox in 1960, but played a role as himself in the 1962 movie Johnny Holiday.