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COD : George D. Scarseth

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1951 George Scarseth

George D. Scarseth

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1951

While Agronomy Legend George D. “Doc” Scarseth spent only a few years at Purdue University, part as department head, his contributions were far-reaching. He promoted new ideas and approaches in crop production, and he personally guided about a dozen graduate students who went on to high achievements.
Scarseth was known for his talents as a teacher, speaker and writer, and was often invited to give guest presentations. He published widely, including two books: Man and His Earth in 1962 and Humans and Its Earth in 1964. As a researcher, he was especially well recognized for his soil fertility studies, options for increasing yield and early no-till or minimal tilling practices. He also explored various regions of the world for crop production, not just those with seemingly ideal conditions. He continued his research long after leaving Purdue, working nearby at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.