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COD : James D. Adams

James D. Adams

Columbia City, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1954

James D. Adams, Columbia City, has served the interests of his community, agricultural and otherwise, with singular distinction to himself and the service ideal for at least three decades. He has been active as a farmer, a breeder of Cheviot sheep, Guernsey and Angus cattle, and has had wide busi­ness interests in his home community.
He was a member of a small group which estab­lished the Columbia Woolen Mills in 1916. This group fought through bias and skepticism in mak­ing the mill a reality. He again exhibited his excep­tional organizational ability by bringing to Colum­bia City the Blue Bell Overall factory and the Columbia Products Company (a screw machine fac­tory). He himself set up the Whitley Product, Inc. (another screw machine plant) which has been operating very successfully since its founding.
He has been editor of the local newspaper, and has served on numerous other public service groups such as the State Highway Commission.
Jim was an early booster of the rural electrifica­tion program and fought (before REA) for the local municipal plant to sell energy to farmers in the area. When REMC services became available, he helped bring service quickly to the county. He has been an ardent supporter of conservation activ­ities. He has been president of the Citizens State Bank in Columbia City since the 1930's.
His unalterable devotion to his community has established a precedent in this state. His life of public service can only be properly rewarded by the satisfactions of a job well done.