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COD : Leo P. Doyle

Leo P. Doyle

, | Certificate of Distinction: 1954

Dr. Leo P. Doyle, Lafayette, was born on October 15, 1885, on a farm near Loogootee. After spend­ing his youth on the farm, he attended Purdue, and then taught vocational agriculture in a Minnesota high school for three years. In 1915, he returned to Purdue as an assistant in the Department of Veterinary Science. Since that time, he has earned a Master of Science degree at the University of Michigan, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Michigan State College, and a Doctor of Philos­ophy degree at the University of Chicago. This educational background makes Dr. Doyle one of the best trained veterinarians in the United States today.
He has devoted his productive lifetime to re­search on diseases of livestock and poultry. He is the author of more than 60 articles and many bulle­~ins. He was among the first in the world to recog­nize and describe swine dysentery, anemia in baby pigs, atrophic rhinitis, ictero anemia, and trans­missible gastro-enteritis.
His most recent contribution was to call atten­tion to the close similarity in the pathology of the rheumatoid types of arthritis in swine and man. This has attracted much interest in high level seg­ments of the medical profession ancLhas resulted in a substantial grant of funds to Purdue Univer­sity from the United States Public Health Service for further research with arthritis in swine.
As a result of his long and fruitful years of re­search, Dr. Doyle enjoys a most enviable world wide reputation as one of the most outstanding vet­erinary scientists of modern times, and yet he has never lost sight of the everyday problems of the livestock industry.