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COD : Clarence E. Kaiser

Clarence E. Kaiser

Eckerty, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1954

Clarence E. Kaiser, Eckerty, has made such an outstanding success of grassland farming on his 110 acre Crawford County hill farm that over 1,000 farmers and agriculturists visit his farm annually to get the story behind his extraordinary accom­plishments.
In the late 30's, Mr. Kaiser cooperated with his County Agent, Sam Dixon, and M. O. Pence, exten­sion agronomist, on a lime and fertilizer project with Korean Lespedeza. By 1945, he had his farm completely in grass, and has grown no grain since that time. On 78 acres of grassland he produces 141 lambs from 100 ewes, and maintained 17 Milk­ing Shorthorn cows with their calves this last year.
He is carrying on a long time program of woods improvement on 30 acres of steep slopes in coopera­tion with the Forestry Department.
He has been a president of his County Farm Bureau, has served on a number of extension com­mittees, and also was one of the leaders of the movement to develop a .county soil conservation district. One son, Clarence, was a graduate of the School of Agriculture, and is now in military serv­ice. Another son, Phillip, is a sophomore in Purdue at the present time.
Mr. Kaiser's success in applying modern technol­ogy in pasture improvement and management has given courage and inspiration to farmers through­out the hill areas of southern Indiana. He receives the thousands of visitors who come to his farm with courtesy and consideration. By precept and example, he promotes a successful system of 100 percent grassland farming. His recommendation for this award carries this statement, "His farm of green acres is as outstanding in its setting as an oasis in a desert."