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COD : Fay C. Gaylord

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1955 Fay Gaylord

Fay C. Gaylord

Lafayette, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1955

Fay C. Gaylord, Lafayette, Indiana, attended normal school and taught county schools for three years before attending Purdue University. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture in 1917 and joined the department of Horticulture as an extension specialist in vegetable crops.
He organized production clubs such as the 400 Bushel of Potatoes Club and promoted sound horticultural practices. He introduced the first bushel, the first carload, and the first trainload of certified seed potatoes in Indiana.
Outstanding among his accomplishments was the developement of grades for tomatoes. These standards have been accepted as United States grades and from coast to coast tomatoes are purchased on the basis of his original work done in 1926.
Occasionally his work has been too far ahead of his times. Research on pre-packaging, now nearly 10 years old, while not at first accepted, is today coming into its own.
Fay was one of the organizers of the Purdue Threshing Crew. He was one of the sponsors of a State Fair Barbecue which resulted in a deficit and had much to do with the birth of the Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association. The original note which guaranteed the debts of the Purdue Agrimiltural Alumni Association for its Seed Improvement Association activities was signed by F. C. Gaylord and L. E. Hoffman.
Fay Gaylord has served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Indiana Vegetable Growers Association, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association and as President of n National Association of marketing officials.
His untiring devotion to the ideals of service has been an inspiration and a challenge to his colleagues.