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COD : Chester B. Biddle

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1956 Chester Biddle

Chester B. Biddle

Remington, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1956

Chester B. Biddle, Remington, Indiana, graduated from the Purdue School of Agriculture in 1924. Since his gradua­tion, he has farmed an extensive acre­age in Benton County. This has been a highly successful operation, special­izing in the production of certified seed, hybrid corn, and Aberdeen-Angus cattle.
He has served his local community un­selfishly, and has long been an inspir­ing force for progress. He is a pro­minent churchman. He has taught a Sunday School class of young people for many years, and has helped organ­ize a church affiliated Youth Club de­signed to provide wholesome recreation for young people in a rural community. He has provided th.e leadership that has, for the last 30 years, made the Remington Soybean Day one of the out­standing events in Indiana agriculture.
He has served as President and Dir­ector of the Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association, as Director of the Agri­cultural Alumni Seed Improvement Asso­ciation, as President and Director of the American Soybean Association as Vice-President, President, and Director of the Purdue General Alumni Association.
His extraordinary willingness to serve the ideals and interests of agriculture in the face of his farm, seed, and in­surance operations truly indicates that he has served beyond the call of duty.