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COD : William A. Rafferty

William A. Rafferty

Ft. Wingate, NM | Certificate of Distinction: 1957

William A. Rafferty was born at Ft. Wingate, New Mexico in 1892. Major Rafferty’s early life was spent in many different military camps and schools. He is a graduate of West Point and a member of General John J. Pershing’s staff in WWI. He also served under President Eisenhower in France during WWI.
In the middle 20’s Mr. and Mrs. Rafferty moved to Colfax Township in Newton County where they owned 2700 acres of undeveloped land. Here Mr. Rafferty saw an opportunity to fertilize, drain, and in general improve their land. Today he manages approximately 2070 acres of the original spread. He is considered a pioneer in mechanical farming, soil fertilization, drainage and general soil improvement practices in Newton County. He contributes liberally to the support of 4-H Club work in his county. His financial aid has made possible many 4-H Club achievement programs and 4-H Club trips. He has also provided financial assistance so that approximately 10 former employees might begin a farming enterprise for themselves.
Mr. Rafferty has served as president, treasurer, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Angus Breeders Association. Good judgment, fair dealings, interest in community improvements, perseverance, and high moral fiber are all terms which are descriptive of this man.