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COD : A. C. Stewart

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1957 A.C. Stewart

A. C. Stewart

Greensburg, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1957

Mr. Stewart was born on a Rush county farm in 1888. His rearing took place on a farm a short distance from Greensburg in Decatur County. Because of the stress of financial difficulties, Mr. Stewart’s formal education was limited to grade school. He has, however, been an excellent example in what can be done by those willing to educate themselves.
The present Stewart farm was purchased in 1920. At that time it was a run down, dilapidated, tract of land. He proved to himself and many others that good management, good fertilization, and good seeds could prosper the depleted and rundown areas of that community. His farm has been the sight of many extension schools and demonstrations for that area. This has resulted in the selling of improvement programs to many in that area.
Perhaps Mr. Stewart’s outstanding contributions have been in the field of seed corn improvement. He was a pioneer in the production of hybrid seed in Indiana. Not only have the efforts of his corn production been appreciated as seed but they have won ribbon after ribbon in national and international competition. His character is above reproach, his industry equal to any, and his community contributions a monument to his philosophy.