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COD : F. E. Kempton

Certificate Of Distinction Winner- 1959 Dr. Forrest Kempton

F. E. Kempton

Centerville, IN | Certificate of Distinction: 1959

Dr. Forrest E. Kempton, Centerville, received his B.S. degree from Earl­ham College, his Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin and his Doctors degree from the University of Illinois. A plant pathologist, he taught biology in a number of colleges in Illinois and Ohio. He was a plant pathologist in charge of barberry eradiation with the U. S. Department of Agticulture from 1918 to 1927. In 1929, he returned to the farm where he was born in Wayne Coun­ty, Indiana. As a farmer and public servant, he has excelled. In addition to managing his farms of over 500 acres, he has been one of the tireless workers for soil conservation. He played a major part in the organization and develop­ment of Soil Conservation Districts throughout Indiana. He has been chairman of the board of supervisors of the Wayne County District since its organization in 1947. He also served as secretary-treasurer of the Indiana Association of Soil Conservation Supervisors for two years, and as chairman of that Associa­tion for another two years. In 1957, he was appointed to the State Soil Conser­vation Committee by Governor Handley and has been a prominent member of that group. He was also one of the originators of land judging for 4-H and FFA boys in Indiana and has served on the Land Judging Committee for several years.
Conservation of our soil and natural resources has been the life ambition of "Doc" Kempton. In 1944 he was named one of the "American Men of Science". His contributions to science and agriculture have been many, and his tireless efforts have been one of the strongest forces in the development of sound soil, water, and resource conservation practices in Indiana. He has, indeed devoted his life to a cause.